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Killing American Style (1988)

Action, Crime, Thriller 1h 41m 1988

A gang of rabid brutes led by Robert Z’Dar (MANIAC COP; SAMURAI COP) execute a daredevil robbery. Apprehended, the lowlifes escape a prison bus amid a hail of bullets and seek refuge on a family farm, where the tables of justice are turned… and then smashed over the heads of the innocent! Will an average family be able to fight back the tide of inhumanity? Buckle up and uncork the fountain of wrath, because you’re about to soak up some KILLING AMERICAN STYLE!

One of the previously lost films from Amir Shervan, director of SAMURAI COP, this white-knuckle hell-stabber is a perfect companion to that beloved blasterpiece.


Amir Shervan


Amir Shervan




United States


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