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Kira's Reason

1h 34m Drama, Dogme 95 2001

Kira and Mads try to work out their marriage, after Kira has been two years in a mental institution, but is she really ready for the real world?

“Sexually charged, ferocious…a lusty, go-for-broke performance!” -Variety

“There isn’t a false note…the performances are simply luminescent.” - The Globe and Mail

“Easily one of the most affecting films of the year.” - Toronto Eye

Enjoying life in their mid-thirties, Kira (Stine Stengade) and her husband Mads (Lars Mikkelsen) have a large house and two wonderful children. Their world is perfectly secure and comfortable until Kira develops a psychiatric disorder which eventually commits her to a hospital. On being discharged, Kira’s sole desire is to return to the normality of her previous life and fulfill her role as a good wife and mother. But, as she struggles to maintain equilibrium, she discovers things have changed since she was away.

Note: KIRA’S REASON is a certified Dogme 95 film and is presented in the 1:375:1 aspect ratio and shot on video. The film available is at the intended resolution and format. To find out more about the fascinating Dogme 95 movement, click here.






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