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Kung Fu Killers (1974)

Documentary, Action 1h 12m 1974

This documentary from the blazing team of director Brian Trenchard-Smith and stunt legend Grant Page (STUNT ROCK; DEATH CHEATERS; THE MAN FROM HONG KONG) sees Page latter exploring Australia’s newfound interest in martial arts. As he travels about Sydney checking out the burgeoning kung-fu scene, we learn how the films of Bruce Lee, Angela Mao and other popular martial arts stars of the day captured the attention of the nation. At one point we also get to sit down for an interview with former 007 George Lazenby on the set of an action film production.

A fascinating time capsule and once again, Grant Page’s undiminishing cool factor and real life tough guy persona make him a great choice to host. - Rock! Shock! Pop!






Umbrella Entertainment

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