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La Grande Bouffe (1973)

Comedy, Avant-Garde 2h 10m 1973

“Shocking, subversive, and scatological, this savage satire of bourgeois excess is the most outrageous act of gastronomic grotesquerie ever perpetrated on screen.” — Film Society of Lincoln Center

From the molotov cocktail mind of Italian provocateur Marco Ferreri (DILLINGER IS DEAD; THE FLESH), LA GRANDE BOUFFE was reviled on release for its perversity, decadence and attack on the bourgeoisie — yet won the prestigious FIPRESCI prize after its controversial Cannes screening.

Four friends played by international superstars Marcello Mastroianni (LA DOLCE VITA), Michel Piccoli (BELLE DE JOUR), Ugo Tognazzi (LA CAGE AUX FOLLES) and Philippe Noiret (ZAZIE DANS LE METRO) retreat to a country mansion, where they determine to eat themselves to death whilst engaging in group sex with prostitutes and a local school teacher (Andréa Ferréol, THE TIN DRUM), who seems to be up for anything. At once jovial and sinister, the film’s jet-black humor has a further twist as the reputed actors (whose characters use their own names) fearlessly descend into a fart-filled chaos that delivers a feast for the eyes and mind.


Marco Ferreri


French, Italian




France, Italy


Arrow Films

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