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Mad Dog Morgan

1h 42m Ozploitation, History, Action, Drama 1976

Ozploitation classic based on Australia's violent gold rush, starring Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper (EASY RIDER; APOCALYPSE NOW) gives a bravura performance in this Ozploitation classic based on a true story of gold rush-era Australia.

A prospector who turned to crime and opium after failing at gold mining, infamous outlaw Dan “Mad Dog” Morgan spent six brutal years in prison before setting out with a young Aboriginal man (David Gulpilil, WALKABOUT; THE TRACKER) to terrorize the countryside. The violent duo mercilessly intimidated wealthy land owners and easily dodged the police. But wracked by madness and a lust for vengeance, the notorious Mad Dog makes a perilous journey from New South Wales to Victoria to do battle with the law one final time.

Combining an all-star Australian cast — including Jack Thompson (BREAKER MORANT), Bill Hunter (GALLIPOLI), and John Hargreaves (LONG WEEKEND) — with a brilliant Dennis Hopper, director Philippe Mora (COMMUNION) crafts a sprawling epic of a tumultuous time in Australia’s history.

“Philippe Mora has purposely made a movie about a criminal that has very little to do with crime. Instead, MAD DOG MORGAN is about how an outlaw is crafted.” - Bill Gibron, DVD Verdict


Philippe Mora


Philippe Mora






Umbrella Entertainment

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