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1h 23m Animation 2021

An adventurer descends into a pit reaching the bowels of the Earth, searching for a spot on a crumbling map.

Honestly, we shouldn’t have to give you a reason to go see this opus magnum from stop-motion animation god Phil Tippett. Just the mention of his name should make you drop everything and grab a ticket. MAD GOD is Tippett’s most personal project; you’d be excused for thinking the title might refer to Tippett himself, knowing that he’s been working on his film for the past thirty years. And what a ride! From the first frames, you know this is going to be an amazing apocalyptical journey. So much care and detail has been put into creating the underworld our adventurer wanders through, with inconceivable creatures whose appearance will haunt your nights.

Master animator Tippett has been active in the industry for decades, and he made us dream (and tremble) with his work on films like STAR WARS, ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS, JURASSIC PARK and DRAGONSLAYER (which remains the BEST dragon movie EVER made and I stand my ground, come fight me). He has won many awards and accolades, but they should not overshadow what an amazingly crafted film MAD GOD is. Alongside his work on genre classics, we should all make sure he’s remembered for this as well – recognizing that no matter your genius in bringing others’ visions to the screen, your most personal work is the one that counts the most. (ANNICK MAHNERT)






United States


Alamo Drafthouse

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Intro from Dir Phil Tippett


Intro from Dir Phil Tippett

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