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Malibu Express

1h 45m Action, Crime, Exploitation 1985

These co-ed sexy secret agents are packing heat from Texas to Malibu Beach.

“Imagine James Bond directed by Russ Meyer.” –

The film that started it all for filmmaker Andy Sidaris’ long-running “L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies” series — one of the great feats of American independent filmmaking.

Hitch a ride on the Malibu Express, where the screen erupts in a relentless frenzy of high-caliber gunfire, low-cut swimwear and top-dollar popped collars. When villainous billionaires sell our nation’s darkest secrets to Russian computer hackers (ha, as if that would ever happen), it’s up to investigator/golden boy Cody Abilene (TV hunk Darby Hinton) to set things straight and make America actually great.

Soaked in cologne and bad to the bone, Hinton is the supreme ‘80s dream machine: a mannequin-esque pillar of muscular mustachioed machismo just as skilled in the boardroom as the bedroom. Joining him on this delirious ride are exploitation empress Sybil Danning (CHAINED HEAT), four Playboy playmates, funnyman Art Metrano (POLICE ACADEMY 2) and… drumroll, please… Regis Philbin (!!!) in the movie that would permanently establish director Andy Sidaris as the king of underdressed action cinema!


Andy Sidaris


Arlene Sidaris






Malibu Bay Films

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