Mandrill (2012)

  • Action, Thriller
  • 1h 30m

Fantastic Fest 2009 Best Fantastic Feature and Best Actor winner

Chilean megalith action star and martial artist Marko Zaror stars in Ernesto Díaz Espinoza’s explosive hit man thiller, MANDRILL.

Antonio is made an orphan when his parents are brutally murdered. As years of vengeance build up, he transforms into the relentless bounty hunter code-named “Mandrill.” His sole mark is to find his parents’ murderer and avenge their deaths. While on the job to capture a powerful Mafioso casino owner, Mandrill falls for his target’s daughter, Dominique. As he becomes closer to her, he makes a discovery that positions Dominique as an obstacle to his ultimate revenge.

“A badass action thriller”

“The martial arts sequences will drop your jaw” -Film School Rejects








Magnolia Pictures

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