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Mandy Watch Party Hosted by The Cheddar Goblin (2018)

Action, Mystery, Thriller 2h 0m 2018

RING IN THE NEW YEAR AT A VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER Champagne Poppin’, ball droppin’, heart stoppin’, best thing you have done on the internet kind of fun! Fly solo with a Choose-your-own-adventure epic night of games and quests, bring out the squad for private karaoke, Hardcore dance floors, poker parties, and surprise celebrity drop-ins. Available on any planet with internet.

Join us for the MANDY Watch Party hosted by your toilet’s own Cheddar Goblin, and then be transformed into an 8-bit avatar as Nick Cage lets the tiger loose for an UnCAGED virtual party at the Alamo Drafthouse Highball.

Date: Thursday, December 31st Cheddar Gobblin hosted MANDY Watch Party 8 pm CT 8-bit Ball Drop Bash 10 pm CT- 3 am CT Place: Online







Bonus Content


1h 56m

Classic CAGED marathon preshows, Alamo preshow for Mandy, Alamo logo, Feature Presentation bumper

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