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Master Pancake: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

1h 41m Action, Comedy 1987

Austin's rampaging riffing movie-mockers eviscerate the ultimate action-packed '80s sex n' violence masterpiece as only they can.

“See the thing is, you think you don’t like bad acting, bad kung fu, bad action, bad special effects, bad sex, and bad snakes until it turns out that you do. Oh man, you really do.” - Letterboxd film reviewer “Timcop”

In November of 2019 Master Pancake movie riffers John Erler and Mac Blake teamed up with “The Mads” of Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff – to take on one of the most legendary B movies of all time. Hard Ticket to Hawaii combines the best of 80’s action with a dash of softcore sex and a brand of so-dumb-it’s-smart dialogue rarely achieved in cinema. It’s Commando meets Showgirls meets The Room.

Hard Ticket features chiseled soap star Ronn Moss (The Bold and the Beautiful) as Agent Rowdy Abilene and Playboy Playmates Donna Spier and Hope Marie Carlton as undercover DEA Agents who accidentally fall into a stash of diamonds that belong to drug lord Seth Romero. Along the way there are bazookas, a deadly frisbee, a cancer-infested snake played by a giant snake puppet, hang gliders, beach sex, sumo wrestling and skateboarding gunmen, all set against the gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii’s fifth largest island, Molokai.

Enjoy Hard Ticket in the best way possible: riffed by a crack squad of experts, including the man behind the voice of Crow T. Robot from MST3K, Trace Beaulieu, and his partner Frank Conniff, aka TV’s Frank, who on this night in 2019 were both joyously experiencing Hard Ticket for the very first time, plus Master Pancake ringleader John Erler and official Funniest Person in Austin 2013, Mac Blake. Recorded live in front of a fired-up audience of Master Pancake “Fancakes” at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in downtown Austin, Texas.

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