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Master Pancake: Tammy and the T-Rex

1h 30m Comedy, Cult 1993

Doug Benson joins the Master Pancake squad to ponder one of the most inexplicable pieces of cinema ever committed to screen.

From the director of MAC & ME comes one of the most inexplicable pieces of cinema ever committed to screen. Starring Denise Richards (STARSHIP TROOPERS) and Paul Walker (FAST & FURIOUS) as two 90’s teens who have to figure out what to do when one of their brains is put into the body of a T. Rex.

Recorded LIVE in Dec 2016 at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX. Guest DOUG BENSON (DOUG LOVES MOVIES) joins Austin’s premier film-talkers MASTER PANCAKE (John Erler, Owen Egerton, Andrew Rosas) at one of their notorious CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE events, where the audience pitches and chooses the movie.

The finalists on this night were TAMMY & THE T. REX, Dolly Parton’s RHINESTONE, and – in one of the most Andy Warhol-esque pitches ever – 90 minutes of blank screen (“nothingness”). For better and for worse, TAMMY was chosen by the audience. What you’ll see and hear is all four comedians’ struggling to come to grips with this movie and wondering what nothingness would have been like.

FAIR WARNING: This is NOT the “gore cut” that you may have heard about. On this night, we were given the made-for-TV cut, which has less gore and which also looks like it was ripped from a VHS tape of above-average quality. That said, I can’t imagine any better way to watch a movie so steeped in 90’s haze.

Special thanks to EMILY for pitching the film and for the resulting egregious shift in our consciousness.


Stewart Raffill




United States


Vinegar Syndrome, Master Pancake Theater

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