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Memorial Day 2000

22m Documentary, Experimental 2000

One of the all-time classic found footage tapes. An innocuous home movie recording of a holiday weekend becomes a gateway to chaos and debauchery.

_“MEMORIAL DAY 2000 is the finest find in the history of found stuff….an instant classic which gets better with each viewing. It’s by turns hilarious and alarming, affectionate and absurd, spectacular and devastating. There’s no greater pleasure than sharing Memorial day 2000 with someone who’s never seen it. Watch it once and you’ll be dying to show it to everyone you know. I predict this video will take the nation by storm.“”_—Davy Rothbart, founder of Found Magazine

MEMORIAL DAY 2000 was “discovered” by noise musicians Twig Harper and Carly Ptak of Nautical Almanac at a Michigan yard sale.

The 22 minute breathtaking adventure begins plainly enough: a middle-America family documents their seemingly bland and ordinary weekend getaway in a rented RV to Silver Lake State Park, Michigan on Memorial Day weekend of 2000.

They arrive, set up their folding chairs and start… drinking. As the afternoon unfolds, the drinking does not stop and by nightfall, the gathering has regressed far beyond the Lord of the Flies, Memorial Day 2000 is a portal to a primal state, slathered in blood, vomit, urine, general filth and chaos… and then safely back again.

This video is free, but it is NOT available for rental. You can only “buy” MEMORIAL DAY 2000 as you will need to share it with everyone you know who. (note: purchase price is $0)




Carly Ptak


Twig Harper


Caleb Johnston


Carly Ptak


English, Primal Grunts


Fucking USA


Drafthouse Films

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