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1h 30m Musical, Romance 2011

This bizarro musical/variety/samurai/love story from Japan is cinematic LSD from Yoshimasa Ishibashi, the mad genius behind the Fuccon Family, and Tak

When platinum redhead Ovreneli Vreneligare was just a little boy, he fell in love in the park. Sharing a juice box with the stunningly gorgeous Milocrorze, he took her home to his cat, Verandola Gorgonzola, and made her his girlfriend until the fickle beauty abandoned him, and he covered the hole in his heart with a pot lid he found lying on the ground. This is only the beginning of his story but it’s not the end of his heartbreak.

MILOCRORZE: A LOVE STORY is a candy-flavored anthology of hopeless l’amour, and it has many victims. Cut to Besson Kumagai, the worst and most famous youth counselor in the world, with a ridiculous moptop ‘do and a propensity towards doing the “Thriller” dance. His pro-tips include tweaking a lady’s nipples on the first date. Then it’s on to lovelorn swordsman Tamon, trapped in a dystopic samurai hellscape, searching for his lost soulmate in a futuristic geisha house. Milocrorze herself is in neither of these stories, yet she is in all of them. She is the joke, she is the loss, she is the sadness and anger at the heart of the world.

Headlined by Star Asia Rising Star Award recipient Takayuki Yamada (13 ASSASSINS) playing all three male leads, MILOCRORZE is the mutant brainchild of Yoshimasa Ishibashi, best known for his insane THE FUCCON FAMILY TV sketch show He’s spent years as a wigged-out video artist and his first feature film is unlike anything we’ve ever shown, or perhaps ever will show again, an alternately hyper-gory and melancholic love parable featuring both an elongated, time-twisted swordfight rivaling the climax of Harakiri and a synchronized dance number that looks like Jacques Demy just topped Neil LaBute. MILOCRORZE is the romantic heart on LSD therapy: everything is epic, everything is mind-bending, everything is unbearable. (New York Asian Film Festival)







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