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1h 10m Comedy 2021

Issachar and Zabulon are two not-so-bright brothers who never manage to do anything right.

When a film like MOTHER SCHMUCKERS hits your desk, there is no way you can resist playing it. As refreshing as it is absurd, Belgian brothers Lenny and Harpo Guit have crafted a comedy that will leave everyone but its terminally pathetic characters laughing out loud.

We’re introduced to brothers Issachar and Zabulon in their kitchen as they cook something very unsavory to the dismay of their mother, hinting that viewers should buckle up for a light, stupid, and outrageous Belgian ride. But the Guit brothers infuse such a tenderness and sweetness into their sibling protagonists that you are likely to forgive them all their shenanigans and idiocy. After all, it’s not their fault they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, and they only mean well. Trying to salvage the little love their mother still has for them, the brothers run through the streets of Brussels searching for her beloved dog Jacques-Janvier, and the night descends into more inanity with every new situation they stumble into.

World premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2021 in the Midnight section, the Guit’s brothers’ first film MOTHER SCHMUCKERS is a delightful, charmingly absurd film with a lot of heart and an outrageous fantastic (Fest) finale. (ANNICK MAHNERT)






Alamo Drafthouse

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