Murder Party (2007)

  • Comedy, Drama, Horror
  • 1h 19m

Jeremy Saulnier made a name for himself with two intense, unpretentious thrillers BLUE RUIN and GREEN ROOM, but his first feature shows that he was a name worth remembering right out of the gate. MURDER PARTY is about as dark as dark comedy can be: A loser shows up at what he thinks is a super cool Halloween party, but the organizers have something a bit more sinister in mind. In 79 brief minutes MURDER PARTY takes swipes at art-students, Brooklyn hipsters, and other pretentious douchebags, all while delivering snappy dialogue, genuine thrills, and moments of extreme and shocking violence. It’s a hoot!

“A riot of outrageous… funny violence” -Variety

“Plenty of gory money shots” -Fangoria






Magnolia Pictures