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My Sucky Teen Romance

1h 17m Comedy, Fantasy, Horror 2011

At a sci-fi convention, 17-year-old Kate is smitten Paul. Little does she know but Paul is an ACTUAL vampire and she must stop the vampire takeover.

Emily has been coming to the Alamo since she was 7 years old, and she came A LOT with her mom, Megan. She has been a fixture a the Alamo during the years when were really just starting out and we could not be more proud of the filmmaker she has become.

She made her first feature (Pathogen) when she was 12 and by the time My Sucky Teen Romance rolled out to theaters, the same year she graduated high school, she had seven years of film production under her belt and delivered a strong teen horror comedy.

Synopsis On 17-year-old Kate’s last weekend in town before heading to college, she and her friends head to SpaceCON, the local sci-fi convention. There Kate meets Paul, a recently turned teen vampire. When Kate tries to make a move on him, he bites her in the neck. Soon Kate and her friends discover that Paul is not the only vampire at the convention, and it is now up to them to stop the undead and find a way to save Kate before she too turns. The third feature written and directed by 18-year-old phenomenon Emily Hagins, MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE is a smartly comic take on the horrors of adolescence.


Emily Hagins




United States



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