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Next of Kin

1h 29m Cult, Horror 1982

A richly gothic Australian chiller that pits stalkers against possible phantoms.

Some films take their audiences to the brink of terror. This one crosses the border…

At the age of 24, Linda Stevens returns to inherit Montclare, the old family house run by her mother as a home for the aged. Something deep in her memory seems to be triggered merely by being back in the house, where strange things start to happen: tapes turn themselves on in her bathroom. The lights go out — not by accident. Someone listens to her telephone calls. She feels she is being watched. What is going on at Montclare? As unrest gives way to mounting terror, Linda turns to her mother’s diaries for answers, and discovers a horrifying correlation between the events which threaten her sanity and those which killed her mother. There is something evil in this house. She should never have returned…

“NEXT OF KIN is more than just a simple curiosity, it’s an interesting chapter in one of the most important decades of Australian cinematic history, a horror film that feels simultaneously ahead of its time and also a nostalgic artifact of the type of experimental filmmaking that was occurring at the time.” — Alex Lines, Film Inquiry


Tony Williams


Michael Heath


Tony Williams






Umbrella Entertainment

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