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Ninja Busters

1h 30m Martial Arts, Cult, Action, Comedy 1984

A lost karate comedy with underwear-throwing bikers, breakdancers, and ninja assassins.

Prepare yourself for a tour de force of martial arts mayhem the likes of which the world has never seen!

Filmed in 1984 but never released, NINJA BUSTERS was a lost movie, never screened for audiences and doomed to obscurity … until now! Thirty years later, the sole 35mm film print of NINJA BUSTERS has been unearthed, allowing this completely insane kung fu comedy to finally be unleashed! Bernie and Chic (karate grandmasters Eric Lee and Sid Campbell) are two lovable goofballs just looking for easy work, sexy ladies, and a good slice of pizza.

But a beating from a gang of thugs convinces the buddies to train in the martial arts in the hopes of meeting girls … and maybe learning self-defense. After stumbling across the operations of some illegal weapons dealers and their army of paid ninja assassins, Chic and Bernie must team up with their kung fu comrades to contend with sleazy gangsters, ruthless ninjas, underwear-throwing bikers, militant revolutionaries, and bitchin’ breakdancers.

Will our heroes be able to defeat the mob and bust the ninjas? And more importantly, will they ever score with the chicks? Presented for the first time from a 4K digital restoration, NINJA BUSTERS is action-packed, absolutely ridiculous, and guaranteed to become a cult film favorite.

“NINJA BUSTERS is highly entertaining as an action comedy where the unintentionally funny elements are more amusing than the wisecracks and pratfalls.” — Eric Cotenas, DVD Drive-In


Paul Kyriazi




United States


Garagehouse Pictures

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