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Ninja Zombie

1h 27m Cult, Feature, Horror, Indie, Martial Arts, Monster, Occult, Supernatural, Zombies 1992

Black vest. No shirt. No fear. No rules!

If you’ve ever wished for a mutant mix of THE TOXIC AVENGER, ‘80s Marvel Comics, and a 12-year-old’s unfiltered imagination, meet your new favorite movie.

Young karate expert Jack is stabbed through the heart by the vile Spithrachne, a martial arts cultist with a spider drawn on his face. Luckily, local voodoo master/tennis enthusiast Brother Banjo revives Jack from the dead to seek revenge as NINJA ZOMBIE. Shot on Super-8 in Chicago and unreleased on any format until now, NINJA ZOMBIE is an unrelenting ruckus of supernatural threats and high-kicking vengeance.

“Deliberately tongue-in-cheek and filled with ridiculous action sequences, NINJA ZOMBIE knows exactly what it is: violent, goofy, and pure entertaining junk food. You get big hair, dubious fashions, supernatural forced puking, undead stick fighting, a truly bonkers training sequence, a random recreation of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and lots of other goofiness.” — Mondo Digital


Mark Bessenger







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Alamo Experience Preshow - NINJA ZOMBIE


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