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1h 14m Drama, Horror 2014

A vampire dances his way through 1980s Athens, Greece.

The year is 1984. Zano (Vangelis Mourikis) — a vampire who must dance to keep his heart beating — arrives in Athens, Greece to meet his friend Jimmy (Yannis Bostantzoglou). While waiting for Jimmy, Zano ends up at a dive bar called Disco Zardoz. He meets a prostitute (Alexia Kaltsiki) and a Norwegian dope dealer named Peter (Daniel Bolda). Zano and his new friend go on an adventure that leads them to the bowels of the earth.

NORWAY is the result of the creative marriage between first-time Greek director Yiannias Vesleme and DOGTOOTH producer Yorgos Tsourgiannis. As one might gather, NORWAY is no ordinary vampire film. In fact, it turns vampire mythology inside out to create something genuinely weird. Zano is a burned-out disco dancer prone to drug and alcohol binges. He maintains a code of ethics; he only kills people when he has to. In the case of NORWAY, the manner in which the story is told is as important as the story itself.

Director Yiannis Vesleme’s background in short films and music videos is reflected in the film’s distinct visual style. Athens is depicted as a psychedelic alien dream world full of vivid colors, dark spaces and blown out landscapes. NORWAY is a spectacular trip unlike anything you’ve seen before.

“The film’s aesthetic — a neon yet drab underground world — is certainly memorable, though the story may elicit groans from those not au fait with NORWAY’s filmic ancestors.” — Laurence Boyce, Screen Daily


Yannis Veslemes








Horsefly Productions

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