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1h 33m Horror 2006

Nicolas Bro plays Nicolas Bro, so obsessed with filming everything in his life that he drives friends and family away. Winning them back... gets dark

Played Fantastic Fest 2007 A struggling independent filmmaker desperate to salvage his failing marriage becomes dangerously obsessed with documenting his relationship in director Christoffer Boe’s harrowing glimpse into one man’s dark mental descent.

Nicolas Bro (Nicolas Bro, ADAM’S APPLES, MEN AND CHICKEN, NYMPHOMANIAC) is an actor who uses his handheld camera as a means of making the outside world a more tolerable place. When his best friend Christoffer Boe (Christoffer Boe) suggests that Nicolas film every aspect of his life as a means of breaking his stifling inhibitions, Nicolas determines to capture a real life love story on camera as he attempts to win back his wife Lene.

Though initially an amusing distraction, Nicolas growing penchant for filming the most intimate aspects of his personal life finds him becoming increasingly distanced from the real-world repercussions of his actions. Now, as Nicolas reverts ever deeper into the stories of his past and eschews the outside world in favor of documenting every minute detail of his life, his loose grip on reality begins to slip with frightening consequences. - Rovi


Christoffer Boe







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