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Old Men in New Cars (2002)

Action, Comedy 1h 35m 2002

OLD MEN IN NEW CARS reunites the entire cast and crew for IN CHINA THEY EAT DOGS for another truly unhinged comedic caper thrill ride. Leader of the gang Harald returns home after a stint in prison from their last criminal adventure.

Not more than a minute outside the jail, his nemesis Ratko rolls up, giving Harald a week to make good on the money owed from the last heist. Harald has no choice but to resort to high crime. But, there is a new wrinkle. Harald’s father figure, the Monk, is dying and Harald wants desperately to grant him his final wishes, however unattainable they may seem to rational minds.

The dry, absurd script by Anders Thomas Jensen mixed with the potent stunts and action sequences of Lasse Spang Olsen make for an even wilder adventure than IN CHINA THEY EAT DOGS.







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