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One Missed Call 2

1h 45m Horror 2005

The cellular specter returns, annihilating innocents at an accelerating rate.

Tapping into the same brand of terror as the RING and GRUDGE movies, this enduring franchise put a high-tech twist on that mainstay of Japanese folklore, the yurei or vengeful spirit, in the form of its own iconic antihero – the terrifying Mimiko.

When the curse from director Takashi Miike’s wildly popular 2003 chiller mutates to seek out the cell-phone users thought they had outsmarted it, a journalist and her friends must to travel to Taiwan and seek out the source of the deadly mystery before the horror goes global. The terror started when the phone rang and the receiving party would bear audible witness to their own violent demise, only to come face-to-face with their ultimate doom mere moments later. Now the curse has infected the phone books of its victims, calling every number and spreading death and chaos across all of Asia. Upon uncovering the malevolent source of the deadly calls, the race is on to stop the nightmarish cycle as it rapidly begins to spread out of control.

”…Genuine scares and a neat final twist.” - Variety


Renpei Tsukamoto








Arrow Films

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