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Ong Bak

1h 45m Action, Thriller, Crime 2003

Martial arts superstar Tony Jaa's furious entry to the world stage.

The film that made Tony Jaa an action legend, ONG BAK is a balls-to-the-wall martial arts masterpiece and an explosive showcase of this major talent - “the most death defying, bone shattering, skull crackin’, chest poundin’, neck crackin’ martial artist of all time.” (RZA)

Shortly before a holiday festival in a small Thai village, the head of an ancient Buddha statue named ONG BAK is stolen by drug dealers from Bangkok. Big mistake, drug dealers! This town just happens to be the home of Ting (Tony Jaa), an inhumanly-skilled Muay Thai martial artist who he doesn’t like drug dealers. Ting rips his way through the streets of Bangkok in search of ONG BAK’s head and those who stole it. From brutal, underground fight clubs to seedy back alleys and busy marketplaces, there’s no place Ting won’t search to find retribution for those who wronged his village.

In 2003, ONG BAK served as an explosive showcase of Tony Jaa’s nimble and acrobatically-skilled martial arts ability to the world’s stage. It introduced Americans to the world of muay Thai, a kickboxing style of martial arts that involves violent strikes with your fist, feet, shins and elbows, making for some of the craziest stunts you’ll ever see in a movie. Now fifteen years later, it’s Jaa’s martial arts world and we’re still living in it.


Prachya Pinkaew


Thai, English






Magnolia Pictures

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