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Out Of Bounds Watch Party

1h 33m Action, Crime, Thriller 1986


This is a Live Watch Party and Relaunch of Vidiots Foundation + Alamo Drafthouse DTLA’s TALES FROM THE VIDEO STORE series, Hosted by Vidiots, with DJ Mario Cotto, on February 26, 2021 at 7:00pm PT/ 9pm CT.

Buy your ticket now and meet us in our Virtual Scener Theater at 7pm PT/ 9pm PT 2.26.2021. A portion of ticket sales goes toward supporting the long-awaited return of Vidiots! To watch, you must join us in the Scener Theater, details below

Tales From the Video Store,” Vidiots’ video store-focused series with Alamo Drafthouse, invites friends of Vidiots and Drafthouse to revisit their browsing days and share their favorite video store finds with an audience. Vidiots and dear friend Mario Cotto were meant to present OUT OF BOUNDS (1986) in April 2020, on 35mm at Alamo Drafthouse, DTLA. We could not be more proud, or happy, to finally be able to share this film with an audience!

Every L.A. transplant’s stardust dreams of L.A. begin on a screen. If My Own Private Righteous L.A. Outsider fantasy were a piece of Freshen-Up gum, the one side is 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop and other side is 1988’s Die Hard. The real goo however, the liquid center of my L.A. dream, is 1986’s edgy fish-out-of-water noir actioner Out of Bounds. Preposterous (and preposterously entertaining), Richard Tuggle’s film features a brooding Anthony Michael Hall being guided like some corn-fed Orpheus through L.A.’s 80s Punk/Alternative Scene by Jenny Wright as he tries to hide from both the LAPD and murderous heroin dealers. Additionally, Stewart Copeland’s synth score, a cameo performance by Siouxsie & The Banshees and the best/first (and possibly only good) use of “How Soon is Now” in a film. I can’t even recall how many times I rented it at Erol’s Video Store at Hechinger Plaza in North Philly…but I am BEYOND SUPER STOKED to see it in 35mm at the Alamo Drafthouse with Vidiots! If I had hair, I’d die it black in the bathroom of a Melrose punk shop before the screening.” – KCRW DJ Mario Cotto

ABOUT: A new wave-drenched, alt-John Hughes, Anthony Michael Hall action thriller set in the heart of an L.A. out of the past.

A big city, hard drugs, and a small-town kid can only lead to trouble. Anthony Michael Hall plays Daryl, a country boy shipped off to L.A. only to be immediately (literally while leaving LAX) caught up in a big-time heroin operation. Chased by both drug lords and cops (a nightmare for parents during the Reagans’ War on Drugs), Daryl needs to square-up before he gets caught, or worse, sent back to the farm. Featuring a score by Stewart Copeland, a vibey new wave soundtrack, live-wire performances from Hall and Jenny Wright, and an ‘80s L.A. gorgeously captured by the late, great cinematographer Bruce Sertees, OUT OF BOUNDS is an Angelino-must-see.


Until Fall of 2020, for 13 years on 89.9 FM KCRW, DJ Mario Cotto spent his Saturday Nights soundtracking LA denizens late night trips to the Underground/Alternative Electronic scene. When not On Air or DJing a festival, venue, club, bar or seedy after-hours party, he’d spend as many waking hours as possible in LA’s beautiful dark rooms watching movies. Given the pandemic, Cotto moved to Philadelphia to be closer to family and like so many people worldwide is in the process of reimagining what life can be in this strange new landscape. He still spends inordinate amounts of time listening to music, watching films and dreaming of LA. Thanks to Vidiots & Alamo Drafthouse for making it virtually possible to be near Melrose and La Brea and keep looking over my shoulder for the LAPD.

A portion of ticket sales goes toward supporting the long awaited return of Vidiots! Vidiots logo

The iconic L.A. video store-turned-501©(3) non-profit, is relaunching in 2021 as an expanded entertainment, social, and community space at the nearly 100-year-old historic Eagle Theatre in beautiful Eagle Rock.

Vidiots, a proud partner and friend of the Alamo Drafthouse DTLA, monthly curates a list of Vidiot-recommended weird, wonderful, and must-see titles from Alamo’s eclectic and outstanding Alamo On Demand.

Vidiots is fundraising to support capital improvements on the beautiful Eagle Theatre. To learn more, join as a Founding Member, or make a donation of any size, please visit:

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  1. To buy your ticket, click the “Rent $7.99” yellow button above.

  2. Go to in your Chrome browser and follow directions to “Get Scener” and add the Scener extension

  3. You will get an email before the show inviting you to Our Virtual Alamo Drafthouse Theater at 7pm PT/9:00pm CT on 2.26.2021. Click “Join Party” to jump into the theater.

Los Angeles Residents

  • Limited number of themed meals/cocktails available for purchase from local bar/restaurant/purveyor of immersive experiences The Roguelike Tavern. Pick Up Only. A portion of the proceeds to benefit the Vidiots Foundation. Make sure to set your order for pick up on Friday, February 26th prior to the film! Use code ISTHATMEATLOAF to get $5 off for being a ticker holder! Place order by Wednesday Feb 24th at 6pm pacific.**

The Out of Bounds kit contains Roguelike’s signature Roguelike Chicken Tenders served with “Lamar-becue” sauce, an order of tater tots, “Siouxsie and the Beignets,” served with an absinthe chocolate dip, and the evening’s signature cocktail, The “Daryl & Dizz”.


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