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Out Of Bounds

1h 33m Action, Crime, Thriller 1986


“Every L.A. transplant’s stardust dreams of L.A. begin on a screen. If My Own Private Righteous L.A. Outsider fantasy were a piece of Freshen-Up gum, the one side is 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop and other side is 1988’s Die Hard. The real goo however, the liquid center of my L.A. dream, is 1986’s edgy fish-out-of-water noir actioner Out of Bounds. Preposterous (and preposterously entertaining), Richard Tuggle’s film features a brooding Anthony Michael Hall being guided like some corn-fed Orpheus through L.A.’s 80s Punk/Alternative Scene by Jenny Wright as he tries to hide from both the LAPD and murderous heroin dealers. Additionally, Stewart Copeland’s synth score, a cameo performance by Siouxsie & The Banshees and the best/first (and possibly only good) use of “How Soon is Now” in a film. I can’t even recall how many times I rented it at Erol’s Video Store at Hechinger Plaza in North Philly…but I am BEYOND SUPER STOKED to see it in 35mm at the Alamo Drafthouse with Vidiots! If I had hair, I’d die it black in the bathroom of a Melrose punk shop before the screening.” – KCRW DJ Mario Cotto

ABOUT: A new wave-drenched, alt-John Hughes, Anthony Michael Hall action thriller set in the heart of an L.A. out of the past.

A big city, hard drugs, and a small-town kid can only lead to trouble. Anthony Michael Hall plays Daryl, a country boy shipped off to L.A. only to be immediately (literally while leaving LAX) caught up in a big-time heroin operation. Chased by both drug lords and cops (a nightmare for parents during the Reagans’ War on Drugs), Daryl needs to square-up before he gets caught, or worse, sent back to the farm. Featuring a score by Stewart Copeland, a vibey new wave soundtrack, live-wire performances from Hall and Jenny Wright, and an ‘80s L.A. gorgeously captured by the late, great cinematographer Bruce Sertees, OUT OF BOUNDS is an Angelino-must-see.


Richard Tuggle



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