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1h 15m Documentary 2022

An often-macabre deep-dive into the inspiring legacy of the long-lost home movies of a filmmaking farmer’s life in rural Somerset, England.

Worms are life, worms are love…. There are many other rich and memorable quotes from this movie, but out of context, this is one of the few I would be allowed to print. This is a cinematic experience that needs to speak for itself, and it will, and some of you might not like what it has to say. You can find me relishing amongst the other wormsheads in the crowd as ALL JACKED UP is placed amongst the legends in the arthouse horror hall of honors. The film follows two men on similar journeys of self-discovery and destruction from their meeting at a seedy motel into a hallucinatory odyssey. Their addiction to psychotropic worms quickly transitions from a fun-filled psychedelic adventure to a dark nightmare leaving a wake of destruction in the unsuspecting Chicago streets. Much like the invertebrates that act as the centerpiece to the slimy and dirty perversions that intermingle their way through this plot, the filmmaker creates a world in which both the audience and characters may just need to find their place in the dirt. Alex Phillips’ debut feature film is a microbudget masterpiece swollen with confrontational creativity and throbbing with talent. We are proud to celebrate the birth of Burnt Ends with a film that truly embodies the nature of the series and plants the gonzo flag deep into the earth. If you have a heart in good working order and a strong stomach, then this is not a theatrical experience to be missed. (AHBRA PERRY)


Oscar Harding

Closed Captions [CC]



United Kingdom, USA

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