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1h 37m Documentary 2021

Kim Cannon Arm sets out to shatter records by playing Gyruss for 100 hours straight on a single coin and he can’t do it on his own.

Kim Cannon Arm is a lover and collector of arcade cabinets and finds real happiness playing them for hours at the Bip Bip Bar in Copenhagen. There, he’s surrounded by his closest friends, each a pro at a different game. Kim’s game of choice is Gyruss, an unforgiving 1983 Konami game, and he’s best known for once playing for 49 hours on a single coin. Now, at 55 years old, Kim sets out to shatter his own and the world record by playing Gyruss for 100 hours straight. The challenge will take an enormous physical and mental toll on Kim, but fortunately for him, his loyal friends take seriously the opportunity to support Kim on his quest and begin the difficult training process.

CANNON ARM AND THE ARCADE QUEST is not your average arcade record-breaking documentary. Director Mads Hedegaard is less interested in the actual 100 hour gameplay attempt – though it is a nail-biter when it happens – and more focused on the delightful cast of characters that make up Kim’s closest inner circle. Combining a fantastic soundtrack, gorgeous cinematography, and a healthy dose of dry Danish wit, CANNON ARM is a funny, philosophical story about the making of a legend through the heroic efforts of close friends. In the end, the eccentric gang of gamers at the Bip Bip Bar provide us with the uplifting and heartwarming message we all need right now, showing the undeniable importance of community. Fantastic Fest is ecstatic to welcome them all into ours. (BRIAN KELLEY)








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Intro from Dir Mads Hedegaard


Intro from Dir Mads Hedegaard

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