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1h 20m Horror 2022

Three friends are caught between a skinhead gang and an otherworldly enemy after discovering a forgotten secret in the depths of the Paris Catacombs.

“On the eve of being thrust into adulthood, young students Sonia (Sofia Lesaffre) and Max (Kassim Meesters) take their friend Henry (Victor Meutelet) out for one last hurrah before he begins his mandatory military service. Following a night of heavy drinking, Sonia surprises her pals with a tour of the Paris catacombs. Led by urban explorer Ramy, the hesitant friends are introduced to a community of “cataphiles” offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to venture deep into a recently unearthed and completely uncharted section of the catacombs believed to have been destroyed during the Second World War. After a bloody encounter with a gang of skinheads, the group is chased deeper into the decades of rubble where they stumble upon the infamous 717 Bunker, an abandoned Nazi stronghold thought to be the stuff of urban legend. They quickly realize that the bunker may not be so abandoned after all. An atmospheric horror full of old-school jump scares and claustrophobic cinematography, DEEP FEAR puts a unique spin on subterranean horror films like THE DESCENT and AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. DEEP FEAR intelligently combines the conventions established by the earlier films with classic slasher elements into an entertaining ride that feels both nostalgic and contemporary. (LORI DONNELLY)”





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