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1h 36m Horror 2021

Makani Young and the graduating class at Osborne High are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the world.

Makani moved to small-town Nebraska for her senior year of high school and changed her name. She’s escaping something from her past, and she’s not exactly keen to share the details with her new classmates.

Unfortunately for Makani and her classmates, a killer has started stalking and killing students, intentionally seeking out those with dark secrets. The killer wears a mask of each of the victims’ faces, forcing them to metaphorically confront their true selves in their final moments. How long does Makani have before her own past comes back to haunt her?

Based on the popular eponymous novel by Stephanie Perkins and directed by genre favorite Patrick Brice (CREEP, CORPORATE ANIMALS), THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE is both a classic slasher story — completed with giallo flourishes and gruesome kills — and a refreshing reimagining. With a modern-day Scooby gang at its center, the film has a decidedly Gen Z perspective. Smart, woke, but utterly cynical, these kids know the tropes they’re operating within, aware of their particular chances of survival based on their race, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. But perhaps most tragically, they’re the first generation raised with the fear that high school isn’t inherently survivable.

So buckle up for a thoughtful, twisty, witty, and utterly entertaining take on the slasher film — one that’s aware of its roots but ready to shake up tropes for the next generation of horror fans. (LOGAN TAYLOR)





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Alamo Drafthouse

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