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Pit Stop (1969)

Action, Exploitation 1h 31m 1969

“Though there have been many films about racing, it is safe to say that there has never been before or since a film like PIT STOP.” — Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets

A slam-bang crash-o-rama — a peek into the deadly subculture of “figure-8 racing” beautifully and effortlessly directed by Corman-era exploitation master Jack Hill (SPIDER BABY; THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS; COFFY; FOXY BROWN.)

Richard Davalos (EAST OF EDEN) stars as a greaser who winds up in jail after a street race gone wrong. Bailed out by a veteran race promoter, Davalos is put on the deadly “figure-8” racing circuit where he comes up against a maniacal serial winner (a deliciously over-the-top Sid Haig.) Equal parts hi-octane race documentary and deeply-rendered character study, PIT STOP is arguably Hill’s greatest artistic achievement. No CGI here; every terrifying high-speed impact is felt for real. An outstanding supporting cast including Brian Donlevy (THE GREAT MCGINTY), Ellen Burstyn (THE EXORCIST) and Beverly Washburn (SPIDER BABY) round out this nearly-lost miracle of low-budget thrills.


Jack Hill


Roger Corman




United States


Arrow Films

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