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Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands (2004)

Crime, Thriller 1h 40m 2004

“Simply brilliant… uncompromising… refuses to pull a single punch.” -Matt McNally, BBC

“Matures beyond genre elements to embrace deeper questions or morality and identity” -Eddie Cockrell, Variety

“A European version of The Sopranos. These movies make your stomach churn and your head pound… you’ll be left deeply uneasy, yet longing for more.” -Nick Funnell, Time Out London

Nicolas Winding Refn’s 1996 feature film debut is a violent, edgy cult classic that established Refn as an uncompromising filmmaker of great talent and depth. Throughout the entire PUSHER trilogy, the he effortlessly blends moody atmospherics and frenetic action, portraying his characters with depth and confidence, and subtly interweaving their tales so that a minor character in one film moves to the fore to become the central character of the next. The resulting trilogy stands as a masterful reinvention of international crime cinema, as poignantly human as it is brutally and viscerally realized.

PUSHER II tells the story of Tonny (Mads Mikkelsen, THE HUNT, TV’s Hannibal) , a crook from the Copenhagen underworld whose previous run-in with a baseball bat has left his mind addled and unreliable. Fresh out of prison, Tonny tries to bring order to his life and gain the respect of his father, a notorious gangster who appears to have nothing but contempt for his son. He makes misstep after misstep, and on top of it all must contribute to the upbringing of a baby boy which may or may not be his own. Battling the scorn of everyone around him and his own drug-fuelled delirium, Tonny must forge a path toward some form of redemption.


Danish, Serbian






Magnolia Pictures

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