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R (2011)

Exclusive to Alamo On Demand, Drama, Thriller, Danish 1h 30m 2011

Shot in a shut-down penitentiary with real ex-convicts and ex-guards cast in their actual roles, R is a powerful, visceral expression of prison life.

This hard-hitting drama, an anthropological study of life in a Danish prison, portrays R who has been sentenced to prison for a violent crime. He’s insistent on staying out of harm’s way and in doing so he is faced with the challenge of navigating through prison culture with its notions of honour, hidden agendas and contracts.

The feature film debut from the director-writer duo Michael Noer and Tobias Lindholm.

“The film’s brilliance starts to surpass its brutality.” - Time Out

“One of the best films I’ve seen this year” - Screen Anarchy

“Directors-screenwriters Lindholm and Noer are careful not to let the audience know more than their protagonist does, keeping them in the nerve-wrecking state of uncertainty and fear.” - Hollywood Reporter


Tobias Lindholm


Michael Noer






Olive Films

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