R100 (2013)

  • comedy, drama
  • 1h 39m

In this audaciously kinky, meta-comedic thriller, a lonely father with a secret taste for S&M (Nao Ohmori, best known for his titular turn in Takashi Miike’s ICHI THE KILLER) hires a boutique dominatrix agency that specializes in guerrilla acts of public degradation.

Although the rough treatment and humiliation Takafumi Katayama receives from these leather-clad women — in cafés and on the street — drives him to ecstatic pleasure, he soon finds himself over his head during a surprise house call by one of the mistresses. After a freak and fatal accident, Takafumi is forced into action with a slew of vengeful dominatrices chasing him down. With the help of his son, he’ll have to devise a plan to take on the relentless femmes fatales, who each possess a unique S&M talent by which to exact painful revenge.

R100 — the title a riff on the Japanese movie rating system, whose equivalent to NC-17 is R18 — is directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto (BIG MAN JAPAN, SYMBO), one of Japan’s most preeminent and beloved comedic talents.

“R100 is a a hilarious, bizarre and hypnotic ride that is absolutely unforgettable. Think EYES WIDE SHUT mixed with THE GAME, seen through a comedic Japanese lens and you’re on the right track.” — Harris Dang, EasternKicks.com


Hitoshi Matsumoto


Mitsuyoshi Takasu


Japanese, English






Drafthouse Films

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Alamo Preshow Experience - R100
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