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Rad (1986)

Action, Thriller, Cult 1h 31m 1986

Whooshing and swirling with mad abandon, Hal Needham’s teen flick is a blast of nostalgic joy.” - Peter Martin, Screen Anarchy

A cult phenomenon” - The Hollywood Reporter

Great stunts scored to killer tunes” - Slate

A small town is out to raise funds by building an epic BMX racetrack named “Helltrack” and sponsoring a major race. They back their own small-town hero Cru (Bill Allen) who’s up against the big-monied sponsor’s champion Bart Taylor (played by Olympic gymnast-turned-actor, Bart Thomas).

Directed by Hal Needham, stuntman extraordinaire and Burt Reynolds lifelong co-creator of adrenaline-fueled fun, this classic tale of good vs. evil settled via BMX has been lovingly restored in 4K and is now more RAD than ever.


Hal Needham




United States



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