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Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins

1h 33m Documentary 2019

Six feet of Texas trouble, reporter Molly Ivins took on corruption wherever she found it.

Molly Ivins was not your typical political reporter. Brash, witty, and standing six-foot-tall, this Texan firebrand spent her 40-year career fighting corruption, defending free speech, and making all the right enemies. A pioneering woman in a male-dominated field, she skewered the good old boys’ system with her incisive writing and her gift for deploying well-timed bon mot torpedoes on her targets.

A sharp and heartfelt look at her incredible life, RAISE HELL features interviews with Molly’s admirers, both public and personal. Rachel Maddow and Dan Rather show up to sing her praises, set alongside archival footage of her doing what she does best — speaking for herself. By turns moving and hilarious, it’s a candid portrait of a reporter who shined with moral clarity, even while matching legislators drink for drink. An inspiring documentary about an inspired life, it’ll leave you wanting to pick up where Molly left off.

“Janice Engel’s film is a rollicking re-acquaintance with Ivins’ distinctive drawl, and we can’t help but wonder what she’d say about our current ominous political climate. Likely, there would be some swearing involved.” — Rob Thomas, Capital Times (Madison, Wisc.)


Janice Engel




United States


Magnolia Pictures

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