Ready or Not (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 23m

From directors Paloma Martinez (Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film) and David Modigliani (RUNNING WITH BETO, CRAWFORD) whose work The Hollywood Reporter calls “an inspiration for many viewers who have found it hard to believe there is any decency left in politics,” arrives a timely coming-of-age feature documentary that follows 17 year-old Black activist Marcel McClinton on his quest to unseat a powerful incumbent on Houston City Council.

As Buzzfeed observes: “Lately teens have turned into progressive political heroes — from Greta Thunberg on climate change to Emma González on guns — calling out older generations on social media and in public spaces. But does the country’s biggest political youth movement of recent years translate into elected office — particularly when a city council focuses more on waste disposal than weapons? Are Gen Z activists ready to make the shift from organizers to elected officials, with all the scrutiny, donation begging, and campaign trail exhaustion it entails? And is McClinton - a teen - up for the job?”

Charismatic, outspoken and determined, McClinton proves an unlikely but compelling candidate as he wrestles with the adult challenges of the political arena and the intense pressures of running a citywide campaign, all while attending high school. He searches for what it means to be a man - and a leader - through the crucible of his campaign. As the film climaxes, we see the raw political and psychological challenges of young people running for office, as well as the inspirational proof they can make a powerful impact.


David Modigliani


Paloma Martinez




United States



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Ready or Not Q&A with Beto O'Rourke

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