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Red Chapel

1h 28m Documentary 2009

When Mads Brügger finds that North Korea euthanizes children with cerebral palsy, he decides to tour North Korea with a comedian with cerebral palsy.

Winner of the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize: World Cinema Documentary

“Rarely has comedy been as unnerving as it is in The Red Chapel. Perhaps that’s because it’s hard to tell who the joke is on. One thing’s for sure, though: North Korea isn’t laughing.” - Detroit News

“Comedy of the absurd meets the country of the absurd in The Red Chapel, a clear-eyed and inspired documentary about the folly that is North Korea.” - New York Post

“Brügger, borrowing moves from the Herzog playbook (including sardonic voiceover) prevaricates continuously, skewering the hapless state at every opportunity.” - Film Comment

Denmark’s legendary agent provocateur Mads Brügger is at it again. Fueled by reports that in North Korea children with cerebral palsy are often euthanized, Bruger puts into motion a bold and outrageous plan. He recruits a Danish-Korean comedy duo, one of whom has cerebral palsy. The team sets up a cultural exchange with North Korea to tour the “comedy” act across the country and also confront the authorities responsible. They also take a visit to Kim Jong Il’s personal tailor to get matching dictator outfits.


Mads Brügger


Danish, English




Kino Lorber

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