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Red Mob

1h 53m Action 1992

Helicopter dogfights, incredible explosions, and death-defying action sequences abound!

Russia. 1992. The Soviet Union has fallen but there remains an unholy alliance between the mob and the KGB. Oleg, an Afghan war veteran, is running a survivalist summer camp when his son is taken hostage as retribution for his friend’s refusal to lead a drug and gun smuggling caravan. With no other options to save his son, Oleg agrees to lead the caravan himself and is soon pitted against a siege of violence as he attempts to carry out his orders and live to see his son again.

Despite its early ‘90s production, Vsevolod Plotkin’s RED MOB (Chtoby vyzhit) is staunchly situated in the stylistic tropes of late ‘80s action blockbusters. Helicopter dogfights, incredibly staged explosions, and death-defying action sequences abound, played against a tense and suspenseful story of survival.

Barely given a release outside of Russia, RED MOB played an important role in post-Soviet Russian cinema, with much of its cast and crew continuing on to create the highly-successful NIGHT WATCH films. Newly restored from its 35mm interpositive in both its Russian and slightly extended American version.

“If it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how it’s all going to end, at least getting there is pretty enjoyable.” — Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!


Vsevolod Plotkin


English dubbed




Vinegar Syndrome

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