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1h 28m Martial Arts, Action 2014

In order to atone for his past sins, he’ll not only kick your ass, he’ll impale your face and shred you to bits. Marko Zaror is the Redeemer!

Marko Zaror is Pardo, a man with a heavy burden on his soul, looking for a way to atone for his past sins. As a vigilante, he stops criminals in their tracks and gives them only one chance to ask for forgiveness. Bad guys being bad guys, they rarely listen, and so Pardo disposes of them in any gruesome way available to him at the moment. He’s just as likely to impale a man’s face with a giant hook as he is to beat someone bloody with good old-fashioned punches and flip-kicks. When he crosses paths with Bradock (Noah Segan), Pardo suddenly has an entire criminal organization to contend with and finds himself caring for a woman for the first time since the tragedy that sent him on his current course.

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza (KILTRO; MANDRILL) and Marko Zaror team up again to bring a violent, action-packed exploitation film from Chile to Austin. REDEEMER brings us a killing machine trapped in a broken man’s body, a character that gives Zaror plenty of opportunity to show off his impressive abilities and range. Espinoza is now an expert at dropping Zaror into situations that pay off in giddiness-inducing showers of blood, and as such, REDEEMER boasts an impressive body count. Toss in a healthy dose of humor courtesy of Noah Segan as the villainous man-who-just-wants-his-dirty-money-back, and you’ve got a kickass bit of fun custom made for Fantastic Fest. (Brian Kelley)


Spanish, English







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