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Reefer Madness (1936)

Exploitation 1h 8m 1936

“The ultimate camp film: a sensationalistic account of a subject its filmmakers obviously knew nothing about.” - Danny Peary, Cult Movies

“This is the JAWS of midnight movies.” - New York Times

Perfect for 420 or any blazin’ occasion, this landmark propaganda gigglefest is back in a new 2K presentation also featuring vintage trailers, commercials and ephemera from the AGFA vaults!

REEFER MADNESS is one of the first unintentional cinematic gutbusters, a proto-noir melodrama so preposterous it’s like a transmission from Mars. Originally an Afterschool Special for the tent revival set, a modern REEFER viewing is a hilarious romp through the American establishment’s bottomless paranoia, proving how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go.

Over eighty years after its creation, this seminal cult classic still captures the imaginations of stoners, curiosity seekers and movie maniacs. Come join the party — vive le reefer!


Louis J. Gasnier




United States



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