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1h 32m Western 1967

The adopted son of a pacifist preacher proves to be an master sharpshooting vigilante.

Lou Castel (FISTS IN THE POCKET; A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL) plays a young man raised to be a pacifist by a traveling preacher after Confederates massacred his family. But when his stepsister runs away, the pursuit reveals a natural talent as a sharp-shooter as well as a bloody and unexpected confrontation with his past.

With a superb soundtrack by Riz Ortolani (DAY OF ANGER, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST), REQUIESCANT — Latin for “rest in peace” — ranks among the finest Spaghetti Westerns. Alex Cox named it the “one film to prove that the Italian Western was not solely Sergio Leone’s.” Joining Castel are an impressive array of performers including Mark Damon (BLACK SABBATH; FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER) as the sadistic aristocratic villain and Franco Citti (ACCATTONE; THE GODFATHER) as his henchman.

_“REQUIESCANT is among the more overtly allegorical of the non-Zapata Spaghettis. So it comes as no real surprise to know that director Carlo Lizzani was himself a Communist. And if that is not evidence enough, we have famed director Pier Paolo Pasolini in a supporting role as a revolutionary priest.” _- The Spaghetti Western Database


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