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Return of the Chinese Boxer (1977)

Kung Fu, Action 1h 33m 1977

Jimmy Wang Yu’s extravagant Martial Arts/Kung Fu hybrid is essentially his ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE EAST; both an in-name-only sequel to his Shaw Brothers directorial debut and a flashier do-over of his ONE ARMED BOXER movies with an added historical context…

Wang’s title boxer is a cartoonish, near-invincible hero who is always one step ahead of everybody else. The actor’s last time in the director’s chair is Kung Fun all the way. A mixed bag, but the sort of bag that’s filled with candy in the form of Kung Fu zombies, a pistol packin’ Lung Fei, female ninjas, knives hidden in turnips, a gun shaped like a leaf rake, exploding chain-sickles and an army of steam powered kung fu robots…. so dig in if you’ve a martial arts sweet tooth. - Cool Ass Cinema


Jimmy Wang Yu


Hong Kong


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