Revenge (2017)

  • Action, Horror, Thriller
  • 1h 48m

Writer-director Coralie Fargeat’s uncompromising vision meets with a furious performance from Matilda Lutz to form a wholly new and boldly feminist take on the revenge film.

When young American socialite Jen is invited into the rugged countryside by her married French lover Richard, she’s excited about a weekend of partying. It’s only when Richard’s hunting buddies show up that things turn sour, as they set about assaulting Jen and leaving her for dead. But Jen is made of hardier stuff, surviving her injuries and returning to get bitter — and sweet — revenge.

A favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, and more, REVENGE is a sun-bleached, blood-soaked revenge anthem that breathes new life into the genre. Director Fargeat’s ferociously intelligent debut film is so intense, paramedics were called to the premiere screening. Can you handle it?

“If you usually find the genre icky and exploitative, try this one — but only if you’ve got the stomach for an abattoir’s worth of blood in a single movie.” — Cath Clarke, Time Out


French, English


France, Belgium



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