Risk (2017)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 26m

The Academy Award-winning director of CITIZENFOUR turns her camera on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. RISK continues Laura Poitras’ examination of controversial figures who both risk and betray. With unparalleled access over five years, Poitras offers an intimate portrait of the cypherpunk underground in an era of ever-increasing surveillance and secrecy.

“The most revealing portrait of Assange and his WikiLeaks staff in the public domain.” — Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

“It’s impossible to divorce the viewing experience from the knowledge of how much risk (Poitras) herself has taken to produce it, which only adds to the exigency of her film.” — Nikola Grozdanovic, The Playlist


Laura Poitras


English, Arabic, Spanish, German


Germany, United States



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