Roar (1981)

  • Adventure, Comedy, Thriller
  • 1h 42m

‍An unprecedented — and wholly unpredictable — action-adventure, ROAR follows wildlife preservationist Hank (THE EXORCIST producer Noel Marshall in his sole and career-derailing turn as an actor and director), who lives harmoniously alongside a menagerie of over 100 untamed animals, including cheetahs, elephants, lions and tigers on a preservation in the African plains. When his wife and children arrive (real-life wife and THE BIRDS star Tippi Hedren, and step-daughter Melanie Griffith) for a visit, a long-brewing battle for dominance between the lions erupts and threatens their very lives.

“As a portrait of recklessness and beastly terror, it’s CITIZEN KANE.” — Esquire‍


Noel Marshall


United States

Bonus Content

Intro from John Marshall (actor/filmmaker, ROAR)

A spoiler-free introduction message from John Marshall, son of ROAR producer/director/star Noel Marshall, who himself stars in and worked on the lengthy production of ROAR.

A conversation with John Marshall (actor/filmmaker, ROAR)

John Marshall and Alamo Drafthouse founder/CEO Tim League discuss the making of ROAR and Marshall’s experience growing up with his father Exorcist producer Noel Marshall, Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and wild animals.

Alamo Experience Preshow - Roar

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