Rockers (1978)

  • Music, Reggae, Action
  • 1h 39m

The biggest reggae musicians of the ‘70s star in this Robin Hood-esque story of oppressed Jamaican musicians getting even with the gangsters who control the music business. Originally planned as a documentary, this reggae romp lovingly showcases the culture at its peak, with all of its iconic fashion, nonchalant mannerisms, and megaton stars.

Legendary drummer Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace is trying to make it in the tough Kingston music scene, supplementing his income by selling records off the back of his stylish red motorbike. When “mafia types” steal his ride, Horsemouth and his friends make a plan to set things right. His friends, of course, include the massive local talents Richard ‘Dirty Harry’ Hall, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, Third World, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Gregory Isaacs, Kiddus I, Junior Murvin, Inner Circle, the Heptones, and the Abyssinians — all of whom amble through brilliant musical performances and infuse this iconic film with joyful Rastafarian energy.

“An excellent soundtrack, and an endearingly witty script which digresses through explanations of the Rasta faith and countless idiosyncratic solidarity rituals, make for a delightful piece of whimsy.” — Time Out


Ted Bafaloukos







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