Savage Beach (1989)

  • Action, Crime, Exploitation
  • 1h 32m

_“Thirteen dead bodies. One necessary-to-the-plot “Let’s all get in the hot tub and relax” scene. Exploding van. Exploding boat. Exploding yuppie. Cocaine-infested pineapples. Machete through the back. Rooster shot with Uzis. Hari-kari. Kung Fu. Uzi Fu. Four stars.” _- Joe Bob Briggs

A work of major exploitation overdrive in a new 4K restoration from AGFA!

Donna (Dona Speir, HARD TICKET TO HAWAII) and Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton, HARD TICKET TO HAWAII) are government agents who are transporting a vaccine overseas. Forced to land their plane on a remote island, the duo discovers that an evil gang is searching for a sunken WWII Japanese ship that contains a fortune in gold. SAVAGE BEACH has one of the greatest titles in motion picture history, and it’s another over-the-top winner from exploitation cinema’s most eminent power couple, Arlene and Andy Sidaris!


Andy Sidaris


Arlene Sidaris






Malibu Bay Films

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