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Shampoo (1975)

Drama, Comedy 1h 49m 1975

“_Maybe it means I don’t love them. Maybe it means I don’t love you, I don’t know. No one’s going to tell me that I don’t like them._”

Drawing from Warren Beatty’s own image, as well as hair dresser-turned-producer Jon Peters and Manson murder victim Jay Sebring, SHAMPOO follows George Roundy, on the eve of Nixon’s re-election, as he mixes business with pleasure with his new squeeze (Goldie Hawn), his ex-girlfriend (Julie Christie), her Republican sugar daddy (Jack Warden). Hal Ashby’s feature captures the waning days of ‘60s Los Angeles with comic grace, and a little dash of himbo magic that only Beatty could deliver.


Hal Ashby






United States



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