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Sharp Edges (1986)

Documentary 52m 1986

SHARP EDGES (as in blades) is the perfect title for a documentary about Tonya Harding. But who would have had the prescience to think of that title a decade before her infamy?

When I, TONYA came out, there were those who flipped for it, and those who didn’t. The appearance of SHARP EDGES, a documentary about Harding made in 1986, eight years before the incident that made her famous, isn’t likely to change minds in either camp. Yet this fascinating found object of a movie, directed by Sandra Luckow as her senior-thesis project at Yale, reveals how close to the truth of Harding’s life I, TONYA really came.

“SHARP EDGES is desultory at moments, but it’s also inquiring.” — Owen Gleiberman, Variety


Sandra Luckow




United States



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